Need some music for your next project? Let our composers and producers write the music you need to set the right mood and tempo to fully engage your audience in your story. We can handle any genre from classical through to EDM, and we'll make sure that you're 100% satisified with the final product by working with you to match the right music cues to the right points in your project. Contact us today for more information on hgow we can help!


You've got a great idea for a song, but no way to record it or master it. Well, we can help with that. Bring your instruments to our studio and let us handle recording your track, balancing your instruments and vocals into the right mix, and then mastering the track so that it's ready for distribution. Our audio engineers have over 20 years experience in production and mastering. Put that experience into your next project by contacting us today!

Voice Over/ADR

You know that voice that always gets your heart pounding in trailers? Or how about that voice that makes you feel comforted and interested when watching a documentary? Or maybe you just need your actors to re-record some lines that didn't take well. Bring us your project and we will help you get your dialog sounding perfect.