In 2005, April Fresh and Roseanne DeShanaro started the Miss Comedy Queen National pageant because they wanted to bring a comedy pageant for female impersonators to a larger audience.  The Best Medicine is the story of how that pageant started and how one man, John "Tweeka Weed" Barber changed the pageant from a local bar event to a national pageant with preliminaries around the country.

In 2009, John Barber won the title of Miss Comedy Queen, shortly after being diagnosed with a rare and terminal form of cancer.  Before his passing 2011, John started The Barber Fund, a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to those living with cancer and their families.

Since that time, the Miss Comedy Queen Pageant has been a stalwart proponent and advocate for The Barber Fund, raising over $15,000 dollars for the fund since its inception.   This is the story of the pageant, John and the Barber Fund.  



Co-Owner of ANR Productions, Executive Producer

Loc Robertson, also known as April Fresh, is one of the founding members of ANR Productions, the company that owns the Miss Comedy Queen National Pageant, Miss Large & Lovely Pageant and Mister & Miss Lady Comedy Queen Pageant.


Co-Owner of ANR Productions

Addison Taylor became co-owner of ANR Productions with Loc Robertson after Roseann DeShanaro's departure from the company. 


Miss Comedy Queen National 2017

Amanda Punchfuk (Nick Moberg) won the Miss Comedy Queen National title in 2017.  She is a featured subject of the film as principal production began at her crowning and continued through until her step-down.


Mister Comedy Queen 2016

Justin was the second winner of the Mister Comedy Queen title, a service title dedicated to raising money and awareness for The Barber Fund.


Director & Producer

Jenna is the owner of Out Of The Closet Productions and the Miss Space Coast Comedy Queen Pageant (an official preliminary for the Miss National Comedy Queen Pageant).


Composer & Production Assistant

Sadao is a master musician and composer for Out Of The Closet Productions and served as the production assistant for the film.



This is our very first feature film and as such we are funding it completely via owner capital and the beautiful generosity of people like you.  Even though principal production has wrapped, there are still many things to do on the film that require time, effort and money.  If you are interested in supporting the film, please check out one of our crowdfunding platforms below and consider donating to the movie.  Your funds will go strictly to the completion and distribution of the feature film, and you will get a gift from us as well!  

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