Visual Effects

So, you just filmed the best Sci-Fi Epic ever made... but you need those special visual effects. Our compositors stand ready to help you complete your project with the right visual effects, color correction and color grading you need to complete your project. We can also provide a green-screen either in studio or on location to help you get those moments and put them in the right place in the universe. Contact us today for more information.


Let's face it, editing is time consuming and the hardware and software to do it properly can be expensive. If only you had a friend who can help you take all the footage you've collected for your project and put them together. Well now you do! Our staff is fully trained in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to help you put together your film with just the right cuts to keep the pacing where you want it. Contact us today for more information


Creating films is an expensive business both in time and resources. We're here to help! We stand ready to provide compositors, animators, editors, colorists, foley artists, composers, mixers, sound designers, assistants and gear to your production. Collaboration and team-work is what makes good projects even better. Let us know how we can help by contacting us today!